The EMP Team

There is no avoiding war, it can only be postponed to the advantage of your enemy.
~Niccolo Machiavelli~

Join   us   and   lets   shut   them   down...  together

Sandman: Welcome, to the last clan you will ever need soldier. You can call me Sandman. I'll try and keep this breifing short and sweet so you can get back to dishing out cold cuts and apple cider to your not so friendly neighbor, Charlie. The site was made with the members in mind. Hell, its the only clan site i've come across that wants to interact with you. Talk it out in the forums till your blue in the face, or step it up a notch with your memership and unlock the perks and prestige packages. Win stuff man, based on skill and not luck with Krack the Kode. Or if you can achieve certain killstreaks, not like you know and love, but the new "Make em look Bad!" Shoot it and prove it videos of you mangling, dangling, roughing Charlie up so bad it had to be filmed not once, but enough to earn you that killstreak reward! Rare feats could earn you microsoft points if you're lucky. But you ain't, because you do this for a livin. Can't be mad at you, welcome home.

1738 hrs : 20122604
If you visit this website, it is still being worked on so I apologize for the incomplete sections.

1858 hrs : 20120405
Clockwork adds updates to forum.

1606 hrs : 20122205
Please do not try to login or register under the main site, the members area is still being worked on. Thanks for your patience.